Introduction to Online Pokies

Discover the basics of online pokies and what terms are commonly used.

When entering the world of pokies also called slots, players will immediately be impressed with the amazingly wide selection of pokies games on offer, a sure reason why it’s become so popular in Canada, Australia and UK.

Online Pokies Games Batman

Endless entertainment

With online pokies, players can enjoy an array of pokies games that will reward and amuse for hours on end. Finding the best pokies to play can be a bit daunting as some online casinos support up to 200 pokies games. But it won’t take you long to discover a favourite or favourites. From the traditional pokies games which are great choices for beginners because of their simplicity, to the more popular video pokies which offer cool graphics, bonus features and bigger payouts, there is something for everyone.

Game of chance

Part of the appeal of online pokies slot machines in general is that it is a game of chance. With a simple spin you could be a potential millionaire in the space of a day. The rules are also incredibly simple and easy to follow. If you had to follow a particular pokies strategy it would be to choose the right games. By checking out the payout percentages players will be able to find the best pokies games, which are essentially the ones that offer the best returns.

Financially rewarding

By practising good money management skills in the casino, a player will be successful. Always play responsibly and set the amount of money you are willing to spend and lose on a game. Once that amount has been reached, be mature enough to walk away and call it a day.


Below you will find some very useful explanations regarding selected terms that will come up regularly when you play pokies.

Spin those reels

A reel holds a whole lot of symbols. When you press the button to spin, these reels will be set in motion. Pokies games give 3, 5 or more reels and these can all result in amazing winning combinations.

Winning symbols

These are the icons that appear on the reels. Each has its own specific payout value.


This is the calculation of how each symbol on the reels will pay out. Some online slot games have as many as 20 paylines.

Pay tables

An icon on your computer screen that when pressed gives you up-to-date information regarding winnings, including free spins, bonuses, payouts and other features.

Coin bet range

To play pokies you must understand that there is a minimum and a maximum amount you can bet. Obviously the more you bet the more you could win, but it’s also smart to play a less risky pokies game and win over the long term.

Payout ratio

Online pokies normally have a payout ratio of 90% and if you find an online casino with a high payout ratio you could walk away with big money.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

This is software that results in the constantly changing positions of the reels. In other words, all pokies games are totally random and therefore 100% fair.


You can substitute any symbol across the reel with the wild symbol. It’s very valuable and could possibly help you win big.


By using a scatter you could trigger a bonus feature and multiply your winnings at the same time. If you find 3 or more of these across the reels you could add even more to your potential winnings through a second screen bonus feature.

Second Screen Bonus

With this you can indulge in some really fantastic interactive play and of course win huge amounts.

Bonus games:

The bonus games are a special feature of the pokies game, and the bonus game starts when special symbols appear and they are in a winning combination. Bonuses will nearly always vary depending on the game. Some pokies bonus rounds you will be awarded a number of of free spins. These special session will often come with a modified or different set of winning combinations to the main game. Other bonus rounds games could see the player presented with items or symbols on a screen from which the player can choose from – when the player then chooses items on the screen, a number of credits are revealed and will be awarded to the player.

Other Places that offer pokies

Finding more good information about pokies is not always easy, so if you need any more info you can also try at, what i like about is that you can test the free games before playing for real.